~As the New Hampshire Groomers Alliance we are looking to achieve not only recognition and respect for the job that we perform but also make our voices heard. We are here to educate and work together to keep pets safe at grooming shops.

~Following the tragic death of Teddy Schwope at the hands of a NH groomer in 2018, a bill was introduced to put together a committee to look into licensing groomers in NH. This prompted us to form NHGA.

~We want to work together as a "grooming community" to bring more affordable, local continuing education classes, and to have a support system if groomers need help.


 Please Join Us!


Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is a process.

Working together is success.

~Henry Ford~

Our Mission

To offer safety standards within our industry in New Hampshire that will protect the pets in our care.

Our Vision

The world is endless when we stand together,  right now our first priority is to come together as a united professional group and show what we are made of. 



When in need contact us for the“share shed".  Extra equipment, no room, in a jam? We can help!  Sending equipment out for service and just need a loaner? 



We could send out a monthly reminder saying what day we would be placing an order in bulk to save everyone money,  we could keep several daily use items in stock where groomers could go to buy in a pinch or an emergency.



This would be a list of salons that would open their doors to another salon in need of space due to an unforeseen closing of their salon, such as fire, water or weather damage. 



Everyone needs a little help sometimes  be it a bather, groomer, or just an extra hand. 



Facebook  is a great reference for the Alliance to not only provide a place to post regular items and thoughts, but also to educate and become a full service site for our NH grooming community. 

Ideas and Goals

We Need Your Support Today!