Is your groomer part of us?

Our goal is to have all NH groomers become part of our community and network.


~ Tell your groomer about the NHGA and make sure that they are working with us to better the pet grooming industry in New Hampshire. 


~ Did you know that groomers are not licensed, regulated or have a governing body that oversees the industry?   

The NHGA is working with local grooming academies and industry leaders to help bring more education to our state.  We are working on a higher set of standards that groomers and shop owners can achieve to better ourselves and the pets in our care.  

What is your groomer up to? 

Training, education and grooming expos are very expensive.  Groomers can join a number of organizations to get online education, today in NH there is a very small number of groomers who actually attend expos.  Look for membership certificates and ask your groomers about their training.  There is more to grooming your pet then just a pretty picture.  

Grooming Associations & Membership Groups  Groomers Can Join


ISCC - International Society of Canine Cosmetology   

    National Certification and Education, offers membership benefits, hosts one expo a year


NDGAA - National Dog Groomers Association of America  

    National Certification and Education, offers membership benefits


IPG -  International Professional Groomers 

    National Certification and Education, offer member benefits  


APPGA - American Professional Pet Groomers Association  

     Brand new umbrella organization, larger scale of state organizations,  offering education and membership benefits

 NEPGP - New England Pet Grooming Professionals  



AHPP - Association of Holistic Pet Professionals   

    Education, retreats, member services

NCGI - National Cat Groomer Institute

    National Certification and Education, offer member benefits


PPGSA - Professional Pet Groomers and Stylist Association   

    Offers organization simple set of professional standards

to follow.  This is the PDF for those standards. NHGA will be

adding to these.